Introductie Pre-Historie Situationist Internationale, 1957-1972 Uitingen Asger Jorn - Modifications  Constant Nieuwenhuys - New Babylon  (Pinot Gallizio)- Industrialised Painting & Cavern of Anti-matter Guy Debord's films Context Sleutelbegrippen Détournement Psychogeography Dérive Unitary Urbanism Creation of Situations Culture Situationist Situationism The society of Spectacles Revolutie Houding t.o.v. Kunst Heden Context heden Uitingen Derive & Psychogeography The intricate journey Group A Colombia Wilson Diaz Carolina Caycedo Pablo adarme Elkin Calderon Francois Bucher Group B berlin Stefan Kueskamper Maria Linares Erica Arzt & Juan Linares Stefan Kurr libia Perez & olafur Olafsson 1 :Breaking the space (EN) (by Halldór Björn Runólfsson) 2: The surroundings and the exhibition space of Alternativa. (by Libia Pérez de Siles de Castro) 3: A Crack in the expected Christina Ray, Glowlab, Psy.Geo.Conflux, Visitor.files & One Block Radius Glowlab (Cristina Ray) Psy.Geo.Conflux The visitor.files (Derive project) One block Radius Networked performance & GPS-art: Scoot , Blast & Geograffity  Scoot Blast Blast Theory GeoGraffity 0=YES border=0 location=YES Brian Holmes - Drifting trough the grid Detournement Banksy A guide to cutting stencils Manifesto Billboard Liberation Fund Manifesto Ghostboy The anti-advertising agency Performance Art and creation of situations Adam Neate Reclaim the streets The evolution of reclaim the streets Extra media Unmovie Vj theory Libre Society Crosswalk Neoism Conclusie Wikiquote voorstel tot verwijderen lemma Colonel Mervin Willet Gonin Manifesto Bronnen Ken Knabb