3.3.1 Détournement
  • In engels geen directe vertaling. Samengesteld uit volgende betekenissen:
    • Diversion
    • Rerouting
    • Corruption
    • Hijacking
  • Transformation of both everyday ephemara (like comics and Ads) and significant cultural products (quotations of Marx and old master painting from the theory of Détournement, Debord & Wolman
  • Détournement of pre-existing Aesthetic elements. The integration of present or post artistic production into a superior construction of a milieu. In this sense there can be no situationist art or music, but a situationist use of these means. In a more primitive sense, détournement within the old cultural spheres is a method of propaganda, a method which testifies to the wearing out and loss of importance of those spheres,
bron: Simon Ford, Situationist International, 2005, londen
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